16Feb '15

Who’s Church Is It Anyway?

Here’s to the people
who quietly slipped out the back
while we all had our hands in the air
whose departure was covered by our applause
for the newcomers taking their place
Here’s to the people
we offended but never noticed
who picked up on the prejudice
we didn’t know we had
Here’s to the people
whose names we never really knew
whom we welcomed into fellowship
but never really fellowshipped with
the lost we rejoiced to find
and then allowed, or maybe told, to get lost.
They probably weren’t saved in the first place.

The title should say “Whose”, of course; but I wanted to say, obliquely, that people who think the last line is true don’t know their apostrophes from their elbows.

Image Credit: http://pixabay.com/en/door-revolving-door-input-113355/

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