27Jan '15
Through a window at a Auschwitz

Tomorrow, we forget again

The world remembers Auschwitz , liberated 70 years ago today.

Tomorrow we forget again. We forget every time we treat someone else as a little less human than we consider ourselves. When we take individuals with their own hopes and dreams and laughter and brokenness and shame just like we have, and put them in a box labelled “different”, we forget.

We dare not remember the times when our anger would send the ones we hate to a place like this, when our prejudice locks them away, while we celebrate our liberty. And because forgiveness is so unthinkable at this scale, we pretend to forgive, confident that the God who is allowed to be angry, will do our hating for us.

We pretend to love, because to love those who do what is beyond imagination violates our sense of justice. We do not want a God of mercy, and so we do not deserve one; but that is who He is. We built Hell because we want a God who condemns the unbeliever, not a God who loves the unrepentant. And if this message offends you – I apologise – but don’t worry. Tomorrow, you will have forgotten.

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