23Aug '14

Ragamuffin at Greenbelt 2014

Here’s a video of me performing “Ragamuffin Men” on the open-mic “Roots” stage at Greenbelt 2014!

The video misses the first line – here’s the full text:

I’m the ghost
Of a not-dead man
A waste of space, an also-ran
A failed attempt at something great
A player caught in fools’ mate
A man who saw the truth, and yet
Risked everything and lost the bet
A swine who took his pearls and
Cast them into sinking sand
A battery, flat,
A dieter, fat
An eaten hat
A deaf bat
A dead cat
A pointless worthless careless loveless good-for-nothing rat.


I’m the child
Of a not-dead God
Who comforts me
With staff and rod
Whose love will never ever end
And in whose hands I’ll break, and mend
And who, despite our flaws intends
Into this broken world to send
Such punched-up patched-up stitched-up love-struck
Ragamuffin men.

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