21Aug '14

Greenbelt vs Grapevine

I’ve been trying to write a poem for years about my sense of being a misfit in the Church circles I usually move in. “I’m more Greenbelt than Grapevine” is the first line, “But I’ve never been to either.” Well, this weekend, I’m changing that! With some trepidation – and my flameproof suit ready, for those of you who think this means I’m a backslidden tree-hugging devil-worshipper – I’m off to Greenbelt tomorrow!

The comment above led to an enormous storm on FB… my flameproof suit turned out to be anything but :-(

I tried to put out the flames like this:

Whilst undoubtedly there are some excesses to be found, Christ’s Kingdom extends far beyond the well-guarded borders of charismatic evangelicalism. There might well come a point – as I’ve said to you before privately – where we disagree on more than we agree upon; in fact probably only my silence on issues I’m too cowardly to speak up about, has prevented that already. I have discussed my journey to a set of theological positions I find tenable with the leaders of my church, assured them that I love Jesus and affirm the historical creeds, which I see as touchstones of orthodoxy. Greenbelt won’t change that.

Now, if I can just master folding up this ‘takes 2 seconds’ pop-up tent I’ve bought… :-)

but it didn’t work.

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