3Aug '14


Ich bin ein Außenseiter
Je suis un étranger
ég er utanaðkomandi
Ja sam autsajder
externus sum, mi estas
Saya orang luar
Yo soy un extraño.
Omnis traductor traditor
Mais, Dieu a disposé le Corps
Ik heb zoveel leugens verteld –
But I
will lie
no more.

First eight lines all say “I am an outsider”. Last verse says:

Every translator is a traitor
But, God has put together the Body (i.e., 1 Cor 12:24)
I have told so many lies

Getting the rhymes to work in foreign languages was fun! And not entirely sure what it all means, if anything. But the context is this morning’s message at the Hub from Steve Watson and Daniel Skuce, “Insiders and Outsiders”. http://www.thehubcentral.org.uk/podcast-directory/

Image Credit: http://pixabay.com/en/girlfriends-girl-break-rest-sit-318340/

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