6Jun '14
Military Graveyard


Sometimes I think I understand
What sacrifice means,
I can hold the concept in my head
For the shadow of a moment:
A cosmic saviour, crucified
To reconcile me to a God
I didn’t want to know
Sometimes I think I understand,
Through metaphors like
A glimmer of what that means:
And all I can do with that
is worship.
But, fewer years ago, and closer:
A generation sacrificed its young
Upon a sandy altar
Their clotting blood bought for me
Upon those beaches
A freedom I can understand,
But all too-often forget.
They do not need my worship
But I still owe them a debt.
As I think about this concept –
More than One has died for me –
I need to choose which battles I will fight
And to Whom I will surrender
Earn the liberty they won for me
And promise to Remember.

This poem is my response to the D-Day anniversary.

Image Credit: http://pixabay.com/en/arlington-national-cemetery-354846/

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