5May '14

Why I still go to Church

I still go to church each week
Because I am afraid
That if I fail to maintain
The weekly orthodox charade
Then I’ll be judged by standards I reject
Called a Liberal, I expect
They will say that I’ve shipwrecked
My faith because I don’t believe
In a Trickster God who hides
Behind a web of fossil lies
They’d tweet “backslider” if they knew
I hate the statuses they spew
That make faith so hard for anyone
Just a little bit different.
The meeting together I want to give up
Is not about spurring us on
To good deeds and love
It’s about spurning us off
Alternative ideas
Closing corridors of thought
Because they don’t like where they lead
Staying moored in Usher’s harbour
Rather than face the open sea
The evolution of approach
The evidence demands
Because if they don’t hold that citadel intact
What other garrisons will fall?
I still go to church because
I am a coward
Afraid that if I found the courage
To fight this battle
The next one would be easier.

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