1Jan '14

A Day Like Any Other

Who cares about the calendar?
It’s a day like any other
Just because it’s New Year’s Day
We still just have to suffer
The days roll on until we die
More winter now than summer
Our troubles just intensify
First lightning, then the thunder

What if we think a different way
Find hope, find something better?
What if we find, each precious day
A new glimpse of forever?
Let each new day give us a chance
to demonstrate compassion
Pay love with interest, in advance
Whatever else might happen
Don’t make just one day special, friends
For more than once a year
We need to reinvest ourselves
With love, and Christmas cheer.

I wrote this in response to a friend who said,

Stuff new year, it’s just another day, another year. Nowt special. Sick of everyone saying the usual and expecting me to say the same back. Not happening. Early bed for me, some people have work in the morning.

I replied with this poem, saying:

Just wrote this in response to your post… I know what you mean, it seems like stuff just gets worse and worse… but… I think we have to find a different way to live, somehow. For me that’s about finding, seeing, and being God’s compassion in the world.

I also said the following a little later:

Going to write a bit more this year I think… I tend to avoid ‘happy’ poetry because it can easily sound very trite and cheesy, and the rhyme patterns I like to use don’t help with that… so I often use my ‘big but’ literary device to choose to change direction. When Abigail Taylor said this morning that today was a day just like any other, it triggered this response. The ‘big but’ though is really about the choices we have to make – we can stay under the weather, under the circumstances, under the clouds of depression or despair – or we can choose… to try not to. That doesn’t always work, in my experience – but it’s better than not trying .

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