13Jan '13

For the First Time in Forever

Today I heard the voice of God for the first time in forever.
I cried out to Him with an honest heart, for once.
“Lord would you send a man for me
To lift me up upon his back
To drag my half-dead selfish soul
Through the maze of filthy sewers
That my own sins have made?
Am I worth it?
Am I already too far gone
To ever be brought back?
Please Father send a man like that
To rescue even me. ”
He answered,
“Precious, precious son… I already did ”

I first committed my life to Jesus, albeit with limited understanding or conviction, at a musical Passion Play called “The Witness“, over twenty years ago. I renewed that decision today, watching Les Mis for the second time this weekend… This is a poem I wrote in the taxi home, which is absolutely true (This was long before the song with the same title in ‘Frozen’!)  

There is so much I don’t know now, that I used to be so certain of… But the inconceivable, undeservable grace of God revealed in Jesus? Of that much, at least, I am convinced.

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jondoe_264/4768135484/

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