10Nov '11
Man getting head shaved


I’ve been bargaining with the Almighty
Selling my soul back to He
who fused its ethereal sinews.

Sacrificing cherished sins
On the secret altar
of my own covetousness.

Haggling generosity
In a fingers-crossed commitment
to karmic superstition.

Talking by faith
But needing to know
Begging to reap
What I promise to sow.

Lord, Lord?

As I write this, I’m waiting to hear about a mortgage application to buy a house that’s just perfect for my family. I’ve been praying hard, but reflecting on my thought-processes, I’ve realised that selfishness, covetousness and superstition were all at the heart of my communication with God instead of faith in my Father’s love and desire to bless. This poem is my attempt to process that and move to a better place – whatever happens with the mortgage. God is in charge, and the Best is Yet to Come.

PS – the cryptic title is a reference to Acts 18:18. It’s the name of the place where Paul shaved his hair to fulfil a vow. I briefly turned to this verse to justify my negotiation with God before realising the foolishness of my approach :-)

Image Credit: Flickr User knowprose CC licensed

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  1. Kitchen worktops guy

    I was going to comment asking what the intriguing-sounding title meant, then I saw your last paragraph! It’s beautiful.

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