19May '11

Geek Code

The world has moved on a long way since the Geek Code was well known, but I still feel a fondness for it, and periodically revamp mine. I feel perfectly qualified to use the GAT designation, though GFA and GJ are a bit of a stretch. Mind you, I love to read about art history, and I watched every episode of LA Law, so maybe those are OK too ?!?!

----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK-----Version: 3.12GAT d s-:+ a35>36 C++++$ U++++$ P+++$ L+++++$E--->+ W+++$ N+++ o+++ K- w--$ O- M++@??V- PS+ PE-Y++ PGP++ t+++ 5++++ X- R-@ tv+++>!tv-- b+++DI++++ D- G++ e++>++++ h++ r+++ y++++------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

Decoded, for the lazy or confused

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