4May '11
Sculpture of Jesus washing Peter's feet

The Unstoppable Church

The “Unstoppable Church”
Should stop dead in its tracks
Turn round and run back
For those left behind
Rescue the struggling,
Faithless and drowning
Care, although it’s difficult
Mend our broken throw-aways
Re-empower our marginalised
Bind up our broken-hearted
and do their dirty laundry.

Take a break from Victory.
God’s presence will still be there
When you’re up to your holy elbows
in the stench of sinful lives

Throw the children’s bread
To the dogs beneath the table
Release the captives of Facebook
From your prison of happy lies

Get your hands out of the air
And down their blocked-up toilets
Get your fingers off the keyboard
And cut off all your internets
You can’t pastor failed quitters
Just by posting truth on twitter

And leaders: wait on tables
The Word can take care of himself
Throw away your Sunday mask
And get involved yourself

And when the addicts stay addicted
And pigs go back to the mud
Don’t leave them there to die;
It’s hard to mend the broken,
But we still have to try.

Image Credit: Flickr user edwardconde

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  1. I like the way the imagery fluctuates between the tough, grittiness of realism and the elevated flight of hope and truth.

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