9Feb '11

New Office


As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve finally left my office at Electric Works.  It was beautiful, but very expensive – I was paying about £300 a month for a desk in shared office, and and once some more companies moved in there, it became almost as noisy as working at home.  So, I searched around Sheffield for options and had a look at a few places but found an absolute bargain at the Northchurch Business Centre on Queen Street.  I’ve got entirely my own space – almost 200sq ft – with a window and an excellent ‘net connection (I got 85Mbps on speedtest.net) at a tremendous price.

It’s unfurnished, which meant I’ve had the chance to get exactly the things I wanted.  The desk I have at home – an Ikea Mikael with glass top – has sadly been discontinued but I found one on Ebay pretty cheap.

And chairs… yes.  I agonised for far too long over whether just to splash out on an Aeron.  Ever since my days at PlusNet, I’ve equated them with status, achievement, and a working mindset.  But they’re also not as comfortable as you might think.  In particular I get pains on the back of my legs just behind the knee sitting in them.

At my desk at Sky in Brentford, I sit on a Steelcase Please (but it’s a much older version than the one on that site!) which I get on really well with.  I watched a couple on Ebay but they seemed expensive for what they were – and I’m always pulling the lumbar support forwards on it to get comfortable.  So I set my heart on a Steelcase Leap which I’ve never sat on, but after watching this video at Boing Boing, comparing it to the “ultimate” Herman Miller chair, the “Embody”, I really wanted to try one.  A visit to LTA Sheffield yielded one for the princely sum of £25, which made my day.  Admittedly, the armrest won’t stay on, but I can fix that.

I was just revelling in finding a decent chair and desk at bargain-basement prices, when I spotted an advert on gumtree for a chair that looked suspiciously like the £1000+ RH Logic 4 for £15! I snapped it up, and it’s a revelation.  I love it, and I’ll take some pics and do a full review I think, because this is *the* chair.  I can’t stop fiddling with the pump-up lumbar support, or getting a massage from the just-in-the-right-place neckrest, or rocking on the free-float tilt.  It’s delicious.

Topping off my day of bargains, I rescued a gorgeous large square glass table top from a skip outside the office.  It’s very heavy, but looks great and when I can get some trestles (or maybe a couple of 2×2 Expedit‘s?) for it to stand on, it will provide extra desk space in my new palace office workspace (there’s about another metre-and-a-half of space behind the camera in the picture above).  I’m also planning to stick a larger Expedit, or maybe a Besta unit, behind the desk for book and paperwork storage.

Finally – I’m watching some big monitors on Ebay, planning to build an Eyefinity triple-monitor setup… Because I really need that.  Oh yes. :-)


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