12Jan '11

Plus ça change…

Despite the very best of intentions, I guess this has become another ghost blog with months of emptiness punctuated by occasional apologies.  But nonetheless, here’s a long-overdue update, written out of a guilty conscience after meeting an old friend in Sheffield recently!

  • Still at Sky, now working in the Environments Team, doing mostly sysadmin and automation stuff on an estate of about 1000 VM’s.
  • Did a long stint on a project setting up Maven builds, also encompassed using Groovy to do some Jira integration with our deployment system- not exactly fun but all good technologies to add to the CV
  • Still losing weight (we won’t talk about Christmas) and now going to the gym 2-3 times a week, and actually enjoying it!
  • Based in Sheffield Mondays and Fridays, down in Brentford in the middle of the week.  Takes the sting out of being away from home (but it still hurts)
  • On Sheffield days, I work out of my office at the wonderful Electric Works.  It’s a bit pricey though (especially for just two days a week) and if my pride can take it, I might move somewhere cheaper soon.
  • Stopped contracting using an umbrella, and now working through my own limited company, Tidzo Limited.  The name comes from a Greek word “katartidzo” (arguably that should be -zd- not -dz- , but when I learned it, -dz- was in favour academically).  Anyway, the word means to repair, to mend, to equip, prepare, put right, make useful etc.  Theologically significant, not entirely irrelevant for what I do, and a nice short domain name.
  • Found an absolutely brilliant web app for managing the accounts of a company like mine – Free Agent Central.  It’s tremendous, and I simply couldn’t imagine doing this without it.  Use my referral link for 10% off for you and for me: http://fre.ag/3nkx6qby

That’s all for now – hopefully it won’t be quite so long before the next update :-)

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