18Jul '10


Taking the apologies for lack of posts as read, here’s a long-overdue update:


My current contract with Sky ends this coming Friday. The team I’ve been part of won’t exist for much longer, so a renewal really wasn’t a possibility. I’ve had a great time, learned loads of new skills and technologies, and although there’s been some mundane stuff to do, I’ve??tried to be as innovative as possible even with that. I’ve done a lot of work with Hudson and Ant, both Java-centric apps, which I’ve usually been at pains to avoid until now on principle, but I’d say that I’ve gained a grudging respect for them. (Although I did bang my head against some Ant stubbornness on a few occasions, and some might say thtat writing targets and mappers in Javascript/Rhino) is cheating :-)


Anyway, that’s over for now. I had an interview with another team at Sky on Friday which went very well, and there’s a very strong chance I’ll be joining them soon – just waiting to hear about the approval of a new project by Sky’s top brass. I should know more in a few days. One bit of bad luck though: on my way to the interview, a wasp flew right into my face and stung me right underneath my eye! Still hurts a little even now but the swelling has gone down at last.

Now for some very good news: while working away from home, I’ve been??making a massive effort to lose weight, and it’s really paying off. In??basically two months, I’ve lost almost FOUR STONE !!!??

The secret is simple; “eat less, do more”. I’ve been aiming for less than 2000 calories a day, and each morning I’ve also been doing a bunch of “prison workout” exercises – planks, push ups, sit-ups etc. I’ve even been out for a run a few times! Add to that climbing all 17 floors at Great West House every day recently, and I think I’m doing rather well! I’ve been logging everything since last week at a great site which has a free iPhone app: Fatsecret.com. My page there is http://www.fatsecret.com/member/matzie – have a look around! I’ve still got a very long way to go, and I think to be honest that I haven’t been dieting sensibly (offer more like 1,000 calories a day) so I’ll need to be more careful; but right now I feel and look better than ever.


Last news: I’m typing this on an iPad; sadly it’s not mine, I just borrowed it from work for the weekend. I’ve fallen in and out of love with it several times in the last 48 hours! I’ll post some thoughts about it soon.


Bye for now – the best is *still* yet to come.



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  1. Wow! Well done on losing so much weight! I would just LOVE to lose 4 stone! Congrats :o)

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