24Apr '10

Tie a yellow ribbon…

Well that’s the end of my first week as an IT contractor. I’m in a
taxi back from Sheffield station to home right now.


The job is simply beyond awesome and I love being in and around
London. The travel is pretty rough, but it’s getting easier. The only
real trouble is that I have so little free time.


However I think I’ve found somewhere affordable to stay in London
itself, which should halve my travelling time daily.


I also need to get a new laptop as soon as I can afford it. I went to
Tottenham Court Road and looked at a Sony Z Series (13″ 1920×1080
screen! Dual SSD’s in a RAID 0, Core i5 CPU…) but everyone at work
says I should get a Mac. But the screen res is too low for me on the
13″, and I’m wary of the 15″ since I really want to travel light. But
we’ll see! The lure of being able to do iPhone dev may be too much…


Well I’ll be home in a few moments so I’ll sign off. It’s been an
amazing week!




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  1. Great @Matzie – I’m enjoying reading your blog! Glad you’ve enjoyed your first week!

  2. Hi MattGlad you’re enjoying yourself there!Personally I’d stay away from Sony laptops – they’re very shiny but I find that drivers and whatnot can be a real issue at times – they tend to use quite a bit of proprietary kit. Additionally I will point out that while the screen res of macbooks are quite low (1280×800 on the 13" IIRC) OSX has some very handy ways of managing that estate to optimise usage (called Expose, its very cool). Most important thing however is to find a machine that suits your needs.

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