21Apr '10


I’m heading in for my third day now as a contractor at ___ and I have
to admit that I’d completely underestimated the impact of all the
travel. My day starts with a thirty-minute walk to Dartford station,
then it’s a train to Waterloo East, another short walk to the “real”
Waterloo, a train to Brentford, and a mercifully brief walk to Grea
West House.


On Monday I left the house at 6am on the dot and got home at just
after 8pm. Wearing a suit, and lugging my monster Dell M90 laptop
along (its powerpack weighs more than some laptops, no exageration),
when I got home I was utterly exhausted!


I’m negotiating with my agency to try and get my invoices paid a bit
sooner than the 30 days terms they specify. Once the money’s flowing I
can stay in a hotel much nearer to brentford. Meanwhile, at least I’ll
get fit!


The job itself is brilliant though… More on that later!




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