19Apr '10

Hi-ho, Hi-ho…

After yesterday’s journeys on the not-so-mega bus, and some defintely
mega hospitality from my wife’s family in Dartford, I’m now seated on
a train heading to Waterloo. Then I’ve got to catch another train out
of there to Brentford!


I can’t say exactly which leading broadcast company I’ll be working
for, because a clause in my contract says I need to keep that under
wraps for the first month (no idea why). But I’ll be based here :
and working in the “innovations team” doing some hardcore Linux
stuff with probably more than a dash of PHP.


So… why am I setting myself up for this gruelling commute? Well the
job itself is obviously a great fit for my skills and experience, but
as a contractor, basically, I’ll be taking home between two and three
times as much pay as I used to… And after six months, if we’re
careful, we’ll have a decent deposit for a house. I turn 35 this year,
so really it’s now or never. Plus, after almost eight years working
at Terry Street in Sheffield (first at PlusNet, then Insight), I was
really ready for a change.


Next time: how I found the job, and the hoops I had to jump through to
get it!






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